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I Woke Up Like This Ultra Healing Redness Reducing Face Cream

This ultra-light special cream has an intensive repair system to take care of your exhausted, damaged skin and protect against oxidative damage. Containing an effective blend of organic herbal and plant derived extracts, I Woke Up Like This Face Cream provides deep moisture and nourishment that repairs your skin while helping to erase the look of lines as it strengthens the skin�s moisture barrier, feeling instantly firming. It�s light milky texture allows the skin to breathe while infusing the skin with essential nutrients, which keeps the skin glowing while giving it a protective barrier that will keep it stronger. This is truly a wonder product!� Helps detoxify & protect against oxidative damage� Quenches thirsty skin by locking in moisture� Helps repair & nourish skin over-exposed to the sun� Improves skin smoothness� Reduces puffiness & fine lines� Safe for all skin types
Price: 27.99