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Plus Plan

The Plus Plan is for the individual that has 60-100lbs+ to lose. This Program is designed to help you lose a good amount of Fat weight and help you get your health under control. You will be taught the Hitch Fit Lifestyle so that you can keep the weight off forever. We will teach you how to make healthy and positive changes in your eating and design a workout routine for you that will help burn the fat away. Everyone deserves to experience the freedom , energy and happiness of a fit and healthy lifestyle. Nutrition will be balanced eating and custom to your goals. Strength Training and Cardio are Progressive throughout your transformation This Program is for both men and women, any age and any fitness level. The 24 week program is designed for someone needing to lose 60-75 lbs and the 36 week plan is for someone needing to lose 75-100+lbs.
Price: 439.99