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Secret Breakthrough From the Far-off Island of Madagascar Helps Support Blood Sugar Within the Normal Range -Supports healthy blood sugar levels - even after meals -Supports healthy insulin response -DOUBLES your weight-loss potentialHigh blood sugar can lead to many health problems. And here's why you should be concerned... Most of the 41 million people with high blood sugar don't know they have it!If you're overweight, don't always eat right, don't get enough exercise - or just aren't as young as you used to be - you're at risk.Now you can support your blood sugar once and for all. The secret is a rare cousin of the coffee bean from the far-off island of Madagascar. It's rich in chlorogenic acids. And it works by supporting healthy absorption of the sugars you eat.That's why we made this rare bean the backbone of Real Control - the first real breakthrough in healthy blood sugar in years.And here's a bonus... Studies show the green coffee bean extract in Real Control can help double your weight loss efforts.Don't wait until high blood sugar catches up with you. Order Real Control today!
Price: 39.95