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Schumacher Red Fuel SL161 Portable Jump Starter and Battery Charger

"The Red Fuel Portable Jump Starter and Battery Charger (SL161) is a portable jump starter for your vehicle that doubles as a portable battery charger. This portable jump starter and battery charger has a built-in LED light with three modes to help with a variety of nighttime emergencies. The LCD display with on/off button is easy-to-read and shows the battery capacity and input/output. The compact design makes it easy to store in your glove box or carry in a backpack. Red Fuel�s portable car charger is ideal for four or six cylinder vehicles, providing a peak of 400 amps of jump start power. For your safety, our smart cables provide defense against reverse polarity, short circuit, low voltage, high temperature and reverse charging. The 8000 mAh Lithium Ion battery can be used for up to 20x jumps starts on a single charge.As a portable phone charger, this product features two USB ports (2.1A, 1A) providing 2x faster charging ability to charge your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player quickly and easily. It comes equipped with soft touch coating to protect your device from being scratched while charging, as well as a premium, braided USB charging cable. This portable phone charger provides up to 400% extra battery power for your smartphone and up to 100% extra battery power for your tablet. The multi-functional capabilities and compact design of the Red Fuel Portable Jump Starter and Battery Charger make this portable charger a must-have for you or as a gift to someone you care about."
Price: 39.99