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Tug Toy For Dogs - Indoor Tether Tug

Indoor Dog Tether Tug -looks like tether ball for dogs! Your dog will Pull. Tug. Spin. Hours of interactive Dog play!Do you have an active dog? Needs to burn extra energy but can't always let them head outside to run it off? The Indoor Tether Tug is perfect for smaller dogs that need to exercise but can't always be outdoors! The toy mimics tug-o-war and fetch style play, keeping the dog engaged well past when their owners arms would wear out! indoor Tether Tug is great for dogs under 30 lbs that love to play but don't have easy access to a yard. The attached fleece toy on the Indoor Tether Tug allows your dog to pull, tug, and chew without hurting their teeth. The ultra soft fleece also keeps the toy from damaging your furniture, doors, and walls as the dog stretches and releases the toy.
Price: 59.99