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Tug Toy for Dogs - Tether Tug for Med size dogs 15-35 Lbs

Tether Tug looks like tether ball for dogs! it is an interactive outdoor dog toy that keeps your dog having fun and fit, all the while you rest your arm! The Med Tether Tug is for a medium size dog 15-35 lbs. It comes with a knotted rope toy to allow for easier grabbing and pulling.. Dogs can be prone to hyper-activity and anxiety when not allowed enough exercise, keep them healthy with a great outdoor dog toy! The Tether Tug Large is the bigger, stronger sibling of the original Tether Tug. Built with a stronger, thicker core, the Tether Tug Large is designed for dogs between 35-60 lbs and for strong pulling breeds less than 35 lbs. The Large's knotted rope toy is set higher than the original Tether Tug, but still provides the same level of energetic play as the original. The Large comes with an in-ground base that allows the tug to spin and turn, as well as a quick connector to allow for toy changes. Recommended for dogs between 35-60 lbs
Price: 49.99